The 17th Land Development, Design, and Construction Conference & Exhibition: An event worthy of attending

The 17th Land Development, Design, and Construction Conference & Exhibition was held on Wednesday, 29th March 2023 at the Hilton Nicosia Hotel in Nicosia with huge success. Like every year, it was the most anticipated annual event of the real estate, land development, and construction industry in Cyprus.

Real estate stakeholders in action

Featuring a comprehensive range of topics, the conference brought together all stakeholders in the sector, from concept to execution. The event provided an opportunity to explore the construction, design, and decoration of buildings, while discussions also focused on sustainability, modernization, and cost-effectiveness. In addition, all professionals gathered had the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and gain insights into the latest trends in the industry.
The FuturEstateAlliance had the privilege of attending the 17th Land Development, Design, and Construction Conference & Exhibition, forging valuable connections with speakers, executives, and industry stakeholders. This experience also allowed for the exchange of insights and in-depth conversations on the challenges and prospects within the sector. The overwhelming interest and enthusiasm demonstrated by all participants solidified the conference’s status in the industry and marked the FuturEstateAlliance’s presence as a pivotal player in the future of the industry.

The FutureEstateAlliance

The FuturEstate Alliance is a strategic partnership between three companies, offering new, innovative investment solutions in real estate. A group of experts in real estate, distributed ledger technology (Blockchain), law & regulation, and web 3.0 created the FuturEstateAlliance, that brings stakeholders even closer to real estate tokenization, the most modern form of investment in real estate worldwide. The participating members of The FuturEstate Alliance are Grant Thornton Cyprus, Christiana Aristidou and
We recognize the potential of real estate tokenization and the role blockchain technology plays in it. We provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet their unique needs and goals and the necessary tools to navigate the complex process of tokenization and help them succeed.

Alexis Nicolaou and Christiana Aristidou at the FuturEstate Alliance booth.
Alexis Nicolaou and Mr Konstantinos Ioannou, Minister of Interior Cyprus, at the FuturEstate Alliance booth.
Alexis Nicolaou and George Agathangelou at the FuturEstate Alliance booth.