FuturEstate Alliance at the GBCY International Investment Conference 2023

FuturEstate Alliance, the pioneering real estate tokenization platform, made waves at the GBCY International

Investment Conference 2023, held at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus. The conference, which

focused on investment opportunities, attracted over 200 attendees, and featured over 30 expert speakers and panelists

from various industries.

FuturEstate Alliance, known for its innovative approach to real estate through cutting-edge blockchain technology, was

represented by board members Christiana Aristidou, from The Hybrid Lawtech Firm, and Alexis Nicolaou, from Grant

Thornton Cyprus. Both speakers showcased the potential of real estate tokenization and how FuturEstate Alliance is

revolutionizing the industry.

Alexis Nicolaou, a renowned expert in finance with over 25 years in C-Suite positions in the accounting, finance, media,

content production and electronic banking sectors, underscored the significance of blockchain technology in the real

estate sector. “FuturEstate Alliance is at the forefront of this transformation, enabling fractional ownership and greater

access to investment opportunities,”; said Nicolaou. “Had the opportunity to present FuturEstate Alliance at the Great

Britain – Cyprus Business Association event. A great opportunity to share our vision with colleagues from the UK and

Cyprus and a fantastic response. Professionals from the real estate sector can clearly see the opportunities arising from

this space, as a solution to the liquidity issues that the industry is facing”.

Christiana Aristidou, a leading international business and technology lawyer with concrete experience of more than 25

years, and long practice in major foreign legal jurisdictions, discussed the legal and regulatory aspects of real estate

tokenization. She went on to highlight that, “fractionalization and tokenization of real estate enable innovative

alternative methods of funding opening the real estate market to new pools of investors, i.e., smaller IRR-driven

investors, tech-savvy investors, crypto-believers, encouraging the development of a more agile and investor-friendly

ecosystem. As Aristidou explained, “Real estate tokens may be designed to support many different compliant legal

structures and arrangements, providing both, real estate agents and investors with confidence, security, and legal

certainty in their transactions and investments.”

The GBCY International Investment Conference 2023 proved to be a resounding success, with FuturEstate Alliance

playing a pivotal role in showcasing the potential of real estate tokenization. With the insights and expertise shared by

Aristidou and Nicolaou, the conference sparked interest in the untapped potential of blockchain technology, paving the

way for a new era of real estate investment.

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