Christiana Aristidou, member of FuturEstate Alliance to Speak at 1st PropTech Conference 2023.

We are thrilled to announce that Christiana Aristidou, Founder and CEO of Christiana Aristidou LLC Hybrid Lawtech Firm and a member of the FuturEstate Alliance, will be taking the stage at the 1st PropTech Conference 2023, on Wednesday 5th of July at OTEacademy.

This groundbreaking event aims to shed light on the growth prospects of PropTech in the Greek market, while exploring real-world examples and case studies. Christiana’s participation as a panelist in the discussion on “PropTech in Underwriting – state of play in SE Europe” is set to bring a fresh perspective and ignite insightful conversations.

A Revolutionary Vision

Christiana Aristidou has long been recognized as a leader in the legal and technology sectors. Her commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation within the legal landscape has been a driving force behind her success. Christiana Aristidou has revolutionized legal practices by integrating cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency and deliver pioneering solutions to clients.

Exploring PropTech’s Potential

As a member of the FuturEstate Alliance, Christiana brings a unique blend of legal expertise and technological insight to the panel discussion on “PropTech in Underwriting – state of play in SE Europe.” During this session, she will delve into the current state of PropTech in the region and shed light on the implications it holds for underwriting processes. Attendees can expect to gain invaluable insights into how technology can transform the real estate industry, streamline operations, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Join Us at the 1st PropTech Conference 2023

This event will serve as a hub for networking, knowledge-sharing, and groundbreaking conversations. The 1st PropTech Conference 2023 promises to be a milestone event, with professionals from various sectors converging to explore the immense potential of PropTech.