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We specialize in real estate tokenization and bring innovation to real estate through cutting-edge blockchain technology solutions.

Who we are & what we do

We are a team of experts in real estate, blockchain technology, law, and finance, with a proven track record of successfully tokenizing real estate assets.

We recognize the potential of real estate tokenization and the role blockchain technology plays in it. We provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet their unique needs and goals and the necessary tools to navigate the complex process of tokenization and help them succeed.

Grant Thornton Cyprus is one of the leading professional services firm in the country, offering a full range of assurance, tax, specialist advisory and outsourcing services to clients across a broad spectrum of industries, in Cyprus and worldwide.

Christiana Aristidou is the Founder and CEO of "The hybrid LawTech Firm", providing services in the intersection of law and technology and of SmartCity Business, a consulting and R&D firm offering services for smartcities.

Zoltar.agency is a pioneering web 3.0 & blockchain consultancy dedicated to leading the way into the future of the web with its expertise in cutting-edge web 3.0 marketing, blockchain, AI, and data science.

We specialize in consultation on blockchain tokenization, design and development of smart contracts, business plan development and drafting, the necessary evaluation preparations, provision of expert legal advice and drafting of the necessary legal documentation and agreements, global expert regulatory and compliance advice and support.

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